Language: Afrikaans

  1. God se Reddingsplan, Chris v Niekerk                                     click to order

  2. Torah, Chris v Niekerk                                                               click to order

  3. Doop of Sprinkel, Chris v Niekerk                                              click to order

  4. Jood en Heiden aanbid tesame, Tiaan Gildenhuys                click to order

Language: English

  1. Healing Through Deliverance, P Horrobin

  2. The Crucified Life, A.W Tozer

  3. A More Excellent Way, Dr Henry Wright  

  4. Spiritual Warfare, Derek Prince

  5. Spiritual Warfare, Richard Ing

  6. He came to set the captives free, Rebecca Brown

  7. Why Revival Tarried, Leonard Ravenhill

  8. The Rapture of the Saints: True or false? Tiaan Gildenhuys.        click to download

  9. House Cleaning, Tiaan Gildenhuys.                                               click to download

  10. Why do Bible versions differ, Tiaan Gildenhuys.                           click to download

  11. HOW do I DO what the Bible says, Tiaan Gildenhuys.                   click to download

  12. Found by Landon Romano                                                            click to download